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Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child In A Before And After Care Program

What Are Some Benefits Of Before And After Care Programs?

Academic Support

Most aftercare programs provide homework assistance services. Not only is this beneficial because your child is able to get answers to their questions while they’re working which helps with their learning as well as their confidence, but having a designated time for homework ensures that your child actually dedicates the necessary time to their homework. Completing homework assignments at home can be difficult for some students if they have questions they need help with or when there are distractions at home that are more appealing such as video games or siblings looking to play. Aftercare provides designated time where your child can focus on their homework while still having time for fun after!


Before and after school programs provide an environment with increased adult supervision for your child. These programs are a great choice if you want your child to have socialization without being with their peers unsupervised. Before care ensures that your child gets to school on time and there is no risk of them missing the bus or having to walk to school unsupervised. Aftercare is a safe and structured way to make sure that your child is working on homework and getting to spend time with peers without having to worry about them being unsupervised.

Do After School Programs Only Provide Homework Help?

Absolutely not! Unless you’re looking at an aftercare program that is tutoring focused, most of the programs that you’ll find incorporate other activities into their aftercare. These programs will often have both educational and play activities. The range of activities will vary depending on if the program is from a private company, school hosted, or put on by a community organization. All afterschool programs are different so it’s important to check out the programs you’re considering and see what kind of activities they offer.

At our aftercare program, Big PALs, homework help is only one of the many activities available to our students. Throughout the year we incorporate indoor and outdoor activities including STEM-related activities, laser tag, go-kart rides, gaga ball, nature walks and more. One of the benefits of enrolling your child at a facility like ours is that we’re already equipped for fun and educational activities! Year round we host STEM programs, summer camps, sports leagues, birthday parties, and family activity days so we have everything needed to make our aftercare program something your kids are excited about!

Why Are Out Of School Time Programs Important?

Out of school programs like aftercare help support social emotional development, cognitive and academic development, promote physical health, reduce risky behaviors, and provide a safe environment for children. After school programs allow your child to continue working on building social and emotional skills in a varied environment. These programs introduce new and fun opportunities they may not have during school hours. Additionally, these programs incorporate activities that are mentally stimulating and promote academic development.

If your child is resistant to the idea of joining a specific extracurricular activity like a sport, dance team, or organization like the Scouts, aftercare programs are a great way to bridge that gap! They provide a safe environment that supports socialization and the development of social emotional skills without having the same level of structure and commitment compared to other out of school activities.

Where Can I Find Before And After Care Programs?

Many schools offer in house before and after care programs. If you’re looking for an organization outside of your child’s school, take a look at local non-profit organizations like Police Activities Leagues, YMCAs, or Boys and Girls Clubs. If your child is in the Egg Harbor Township school district, then you’re in luck! The Police Activities League of Egg Harbor Township and Atlantic County offers before and after care throughout the school year! Our Big PALs before and after care program accepts students from kindergarten through eighth grade. And BigPals goes way beyond just homework help. We offer indoor and outdoor fun including STEM-related activities, laser tag, go-kart rides, gaga ball, nature walks and a whole lot more! If you’re interested in enrolling your child for the 2023-2024 school year, you can do so on our website or give us a call to find out more information about the program!

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