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Big PAL's Before and After Care
2023-2024 School Year

Any questions please call main office 609-645-8413

K - 8th Grade

Planning to attend Big PAL's Before and After Care for the 2023/24 school year? You will need to change your bus stop.

Please follow the directions on the forms below to request changes to your bus stop and register. 

Students enrolled in our before and after care programs from Davenport, Miller, or Alder Avenue Schools will recieve transportation provided by the Egg Harbor Township School District. You must complete a babysitter form (see link below) from the Egg Harbor Township Transportation Department. Unfortunately, we have been unable to secure transportation to and from Slaybaugh, Swift, or Fernwood schools. We encourage parents to contact the school board in an effort to secure this transportation and assist us in providing this vital before and after care service. Until such time, there will be a transportation fee of $5 per session per child.

AM Sessions = $7                 PM Sessions = $10               Abbreviated days = $25

Full Days = $60 per day for Before & After Care Members

$75 per day for non Before & After Care Members
Last minute, AM drop in rate - $20.

** Payments must be received prior to the beginning of the month of service**

If you attend Davenport, Miller, or Alder Avenue School, you must complete the school board bus transportation form "Babysitter Form"

If you attend Slaybaugh, Swift, or Fernwood, and require transportation to and/or from school, complete the PAL form below

Everyone Must Register for 2023-24

School Year

Our before and aftercare program goes way beyond just homework help. We offer indoor and outdoor fun including STEM-related activities, laser tag, go-kart rides, gaga ball, nature walks and a whole lot more!

Our hours are Monday-Friday 7:30 am - 5:30 pm

Contact us for registration information!

REGISTRATION@EHTPAL.ORG      (609) 645-8413


Q: What activities will my child be participating in while being at Big PAL’s?

A: Your child will have the opportunity to complete their homework with help from our staff, participate in our planned activities which will include laser tag, go-karts driven by PAL staff, arts & crafts, virtual reality, STEM related activities, indoor/outside recreation, and nature walks around our 8 mile trails.


Q: Who are the staff at Big PAL’s?

A: Each of our staff is CPR trained and have had a background test ran.


Q: How are the children grouped when being in the facility?

A: Each grade level will be grouped together by grade. Our 5th/6th graders will be together and our 7th/8th graders will be together.


Q: Staff to student ratios?

A: State ratio is 15 children to 1 adult. We will be following these guidelines.


Q: How do I register my child to participate in Big PAL’s fun?

A: You may register your child online on our website or you make come visit us at our main campus at 2542 Ridge Ave. There is a yearly registration fee of $50.

Q: What happens if I need to last-minute add a day to my child’s schedule?

A: You can add a day at any time as long as you are already registered with us at Big PAL’s. However, PM add on is not permitted due to bussing. Any add on days will be $20 at the time of drop off.


Q: When are payments due?

A: Payment is due on the 28th of the month for the following month. Payments can be made online on our website or in person at our main office at 2542 Ridge Ave.


Q: How will my child be transported from Big PAL’s to school in the morning and to Big PAL’s after school?

A: Children will be picked up by Egg Harbor Twp school district busses and transported to their school. In the afternoon, children will be transported by Egg Harbor Twp school district buses and dropped off at our main campus. NOTE: A babysitter form will be needed to be filled out before your child is allowed to be picked up or dropped off here by EHT busses

Thank you for your interest in the Police Activities League of Egg Harbor Township and Atlantic County. We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3), youth organization established in 1989. We are NOT funded by taxpayer dollars and rely on public contributions, sponsorships and donations, fundraising activities, grants, and good business practices to provide our programs. Please consider supporting our mission. If you would like to discuss how you or your company can become more involved in supporting our organization and our worthy cause, please email us at or call us at 609-645-8413.  Come Discover the Possibilities... 


Because now, more than ever, Every Kid Needs a PAL

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