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Board of Directors, Staff & Volunteers

We wouldn't be as successful without the help of our hardworking BOD, staff and volunteers!

Board of Directors

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Captain Hector Tavarez
(Retired EHTPD)
Founder/Executive Director

IMG-4316 Bob Oritz ehtpal.jpg

Robert Ortiz
Board Chairman


Sheriff Eric Scheffler
Board Member

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Vince Brotherton
Board Member

Wayne Schloss
Board Member


Jen Heller
Board Member

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Chief Fred Spano
Board Member

Our History

The Egg Harbor Township Police Athletic League was established in 1989 as a non-profit 501(c)(3). Donations are tax deductible. Youth organization by several young officers of the Egg Harbor Township Police Department. These officers sought to create a better relationship and understanding between our youth, the police and the communities we served.   ​ Over the last 3 decades we have grown from a small organization serving a few dozen children a year and working out of our police cars, to one serving thousands of children every year with a 35 acre campus and nearly 47,000 square feet of building space.  ​ Today with a new name to better represent our expanded role, the Police Activities League of Egg Harbor Township and Atlantic County, in partnership with numerous police agencies, a variety of community groups, all levels of government and the private sector, we continue to serve the entire South Jersey Community. Our programs now range from STEM and robotics to numerous arena sports and summer camps.  In 34 years we have served 32,000 plus children and our mission has remained the same…

EHTPAL Badge.png


Staff Members & Volunteers

Hector Tavarez
Summer Camp Director

Sgt. Greg Bollinger
Building & Grounds

Sgt. Greg Bollinger
Buddy's Garage

Ofc. Bob Sheppard
Head Mechanic

Jordan Tavarez
Trails Maintenance

Amanda Williams
Crossplex Director

Hector Tavarez
Ready to Ride

Trish Vaughan
Office Assistant

Ben Capp

Rayfield Leatherwood

Ian Capp

Michael Piotrowski

Hector Tavarez
Holidays with Heroes
Shop with A Cop

Holidays with Heroes
Easter Egg Hunt
for Visually Impaired

Sharon Dilorenzo
Holidays with Heroes
COATed Trunk or Treat

Competition/Research Team Coaches & Mentors

Hector Tavarez, Steve Wynne, Elizabeth Gloway, Jimmy Care
FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Team #7149

Denise & Mike Massey, Bob Kusnirik Jr.
SeaPerch Middle & High School Teams

Michelle Riordan
R.O.A.D.S Challenge

Hector Tavarez & Michelle Riordan
Atlantic Coastal Research Team

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