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Powering The Future: A Series On Potential Careers in STEM

Updated: May 13

In a world increasingly shaped by technology and innovation, the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education cannot be overstated. From curing diseases to designing sustainable infrastructure, STEM professionals are at the forefront of solving some of society's most pressing challenges. But what exactly do STEM careers entail, and how can parents encourage their children to pursue these paths? Let's delve into the diverse world of STEM careers and explore the foundational skills needed to thrive in these careers and how engaging with STEM from a young age can help your children get there.

Software Engineers

Modern-day software engineers are the architects behind the apps, websites, and software programs we use every day. They possess strong problem-solving skills, creativity, and proficiency in coding languages. By engaging in coding activities and projects, children develop logical thinking, computational skills, and creativity, setting them on the path toward a career in software development.

Well-known software engineers: Bill Gates, Ada Lovelace, Linus Torvalds, Margaret Hamilton, Paul Buchheit, James Gosling

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineers combine engineering principles with medical and biological sciences to design innovative healthcare solutions, such as prosthetic limbs and medical imaging devices. This career path fosters critical thinking, a strong understanding of biology and physics, and the ability to collaborate across disciplines. Encouraging children to explore biology, physics, and engineering concepts can ignite their interest in biomedical engineering.

Well-known biomedical engineers: Robert Langer, Robert Jarvik, Yoky Matsuoka, John Macleod

Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists study the natural world and develop strategies to protect the environment and human health. They analyze data, conduct fieldwork, and propose solutions to environmental challenges like pollution and climate change. By fostering a love for nature, curiosity about ecosystems, and proficiency in data analysis, parents can prepare their children for a career in environmental science.

Well-known environmental scientists: Jane Goodall, John Muir, James Hansen, Rachel Carson, Phil Jones

Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineers design, build, and test robots for various purposes, from manufacturing to healthcare to space exploration. This career demands proficiency in mathematics, physics, and computer programming, as well as creativity and problem-solving skills. Encouraging children to participate in robotics clubs or competitions can nurture their passion for engineering and technology.

Well-known robotics engineers: Cynthia Breazeal, Daniela Rus, Melonee Wise, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Marc Raibert

Where Can I Find STEM Programs Near Me?

If you are in South Jersey then you’re in luck! The Police Activities League of Egg Harbor Township and Atlantic County offers a variety of STEM workshops, clubs, and research throughout the year if your child is interested in learning and experimenting without the pressure or commitment of a competitive team! For your children who are interested in competing, PAL has our own competitive robotics team and hosts STEM competitions throughout the year. With summer right around the corner we also offer STEM summer camps for children in 1st through 12th grade! If you’re interested in learning more about our STEM programs and summer camps, get in touch with us!

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