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Ready, Set, Code! Tools To Help Children Of All Ages Learn To Code

Our digital world is rapidly advancing and possessing the ability to understand, navigate, and adapt to new technology is a skill that is more important than ever. A STEM education will offer your child a variety of technical and life skills that they can use across disciplines and careers. There are many areas of STEM your child can get involved with, but today we’ll be offering resources for how to help your child learn how to code. Learning to code before college isn’t just helpful if your child is hoping to pursue a career that utilizes programming. Logic and problem-solving skills that are learned through coding can help your child excel in any career path. Coding also makes a fun and challenging hobby!

Coding Resources For Kindergarten & Elementary School

Ages 5-10

Scratch Jr. 

Ages 5-7

ScratchJr is a visual programming language designed for young children to create their own interactive stories and games.


Ages 8-16

Scratch is a  block-based programming language developed by MIT to create animations, games, and interactive stories. It is also the largest free coding community for kids.

Ages 4 and up offers a variety of coding courses for different age groups, including fun games and activities.

Coding Resources For Middle School

Ages 11-14

Khan Academy

Ages 11 and up

Khan Academy offers introductory programming courses and challenges, as well as, a variety of other educational resources.


Ages 9 and up

CodeCombat is an innovative platform where kids can learn programming by playing a game through writing code.

Swift Playgrounds 

Ages 10 and up

Swift Playgrounds is an app designed by Apple that teaches programming using the Swift language, which is a programming language developed by Apple.

Coding Resources For High School

Ages 15-18

Coursera: Python for Everybody

Ages 16 and up

Coursera’s Python for Everybody course is a specialization course for learning Python programming that is hosted by the University of Michigan. The course requires no previous experience with coding.

edX: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

Ages 16 and up

edX’s Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python is an introduction to coding with Python 3.5 course by MIT, suitable for beginners with knowledge of high school algebra.


Ages 14 and up

Codecademy offers interactive coding lessons in various programming languages. They have free courses for those with beginner-level interest as well as paid career path course packages that provide a collection of lessons designed to prepare you for a career that utilizes the specific coding language.

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