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FIRST Tech Challenge Team #7149

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Children have a natural curiosity, creativity, and desire to explore.  In our partnership with FIRST®, we understand the power of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) to inspire their innovative spirit and boost self-esteem. Project-based, hands-on and competition oriented projects introduces students to engineering, design, coding and business concepts in an engaging, inclusive and creative learning environment at PAL, where students work collaboratively, in a team environment to solve an annual, themed robotics team challenge. Our FIRST Tech Challenge team, TEAM 7149, THE ENFORCERS, is about More Than Robots®. Our team is designed to help our members develop creative problem-solving, leadership, and communications skills. Supported by our network of mentors, engineers, experts in the field, educators, volunteers, sponsors, parents, and alumni, our team experience gives participants lasting inspiration and confidence to build a better future for themselves and their communities. FIRST® Tech Challenge encourages teams to design, build, program and engage in thrilling robotics competitions. Additionally, members are fully engaged in the business aspects of running, financing and promoting our team. Guided by adult coaches and mentors, students develop business knowledge,  STEM skills and practice engineering principles, while realizing the value of innovation and teamwork. With Gracious Professionalism®,  the ENFORCERS are ambassadors for PAL, FIRST and STEM in our community. New members are encouraged to try out for the team. The ENFORCERS are a serious team, we are 3 time New Jersey State Champions and Inspire Award winners. The successful team member has a love for STEM, the desire to learn and the time to commit to continuing the ENFORCERS tradition of teamwork and success. Questions, please email

Who are we?

We are FIRST Tech Challenge team 7149, The ENFORCERS. Located in Egg Harbor Township NJ, we are sponsored by the Police Activities League of Atlantic County. We are comprised of 11 middle and high school students from 6 different schools in Atlantic County, New Jersey. We are 4 time NJ State Champions in 2021-2024. Now in our 11th season, we have received awards for overall performance, competition performance, design, and community outreach at local, state, regional, and international levels throughout the years.

Team History

2023-2024 - CENTERSTAGE

2022-2023 - POWERPLAY

2021-2022 – Freight Frenzy

Worlds –

States – 4-1, Inspire Award Winner, Winning Alliance First Pick, Parkway Division Winning Alliance First Pick (#1 and #4 adv)

Tournament – Inspire Award Winner, Winning Alliance Captain (#1 and #2 adv)

Meets – Undefeated 16-0 at regular season meets

  • November: 6-0

  • December: 5-0

  • January: 5-0


  • Set NJ State record of 328 at State Championship

  • Held top 4 scores in NJ after State Championship

  • Hosted January Southern League Meet

2020-2021 – Ultimate Goal

Worlds – Qualified, but not held due to Covid

States – Inspire Award Winner, Finalist Alliance Captain (#1 & #6 adv)

Tournament – Inspire Award Winner, Winning Alliance Captain (#1 and #2 adv)

Meets – All Remote, team was #1 ranked in South Division


  • Hosted NJ State Championships, Turnpike Division

2019-2020 – Skystone

Worlds – Qualified, but not held due to Covid

States – Not held due to Covid, Automatic Advancement to Worlds due to Qualifier (top 4 adv)

Qualifiers & Meets – 

  • November:

  • December: Winning Alliance First Pick, Winner of Inspire Award, qualified for States

  • January: 

2018-2019 – Rover Ruckus

Worlds – 14th in Edison Division, Design Award Finalist

NJ States: Finalist Alliance First Pick, Innovate Award Winner (#11 adv, 2 teams doubled up)

PA States: Semi-Finalist Alliance First Pick

Qualifiers & Meets – 

  • October: 4-1, Semi-finalist alliance Captain

  • November: 5-0. Winning Alliance Captain, qualified for NJ States

  • December: Qualified for PA States

  • Noteworthy: 

  • Invited to MTI post season event at NASA / Johns Hopkins

2017-2018 – Relic Recovery

States – 3-2, not picked for playoff alliances, did not advance to super-regionals

Qualifiers & Meets –

  • November: 4-1, Winning Alliance First Pick, Design Award Winner

  • December: 4-1, lost in semi-finals, Inspire Award Winner, Finalist for Control, Design, Outreach, Think Awards, qualified for States

  • January; 3-2, Wining Alliance First Pick

2016-2017 – Velocity Vortex

States – 4-1, lost in division finals, did not advance to super-regionals

Qualifiers & Meets – 

  • November: 3-2, no alliance

  • December: 2-3, picked by 4th captain, lost in semi-finals, Design Award Winner, Finalist Think Award, Inspire 3rd place, qualified for States

  • December: 3-1-1, lost in semi-finals

  • January: Innovate Award Winner, Inspire Award 3rd place, Finalist for Think and Design Awards, Winning Alliance First Pick


  • 4 team members participated in Moon-Bots Rover challenge post season

  • 12-0 at post-season challenge scrimmage

2015-2016 – Res-Q

Worlds – 33rd in Einstein Division

East Super-Regionals – 8th in Tesla Division, #23 of 24 advanced to qualify for Worlds

States – Finalist Alliance First Pick, qualified for Super Regionals (#10 adv)

Qualifiers & Meets – 

  • November: Finalist for Control Award

  • January: Finalist for Think and Design, Winner of Innovate Award, 3rd place for Inspire Award, Winning Alliance First Pick, qualified for States


  • Only NJ Team south of 195 to qualify for Super-Regionals

  • 55-21 record for the season

2014-2015 – Cascade Effect

States –

Qualifiers & Meets –

2013-2014 – Block Party

Worlds – 10th in Edison Division 

East Super-Regionals –

States – Winning Alliance First Pick (#4 adv)

Qualifiers & Meets –


Join the Team!

We are looking for middle school and high school students who are interested in joining the team! Contact us at or call (609) 645-8413

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