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Engineering Club

Contact Hector Tavarez, Executive Director at for more information


For 34 plus years, the Egg Harbor Township Police Athletic League has evolved to meet the needs of an ever changing community. Now, the Police Activities League of Egg Harbor Township and Atlantic County we continue to evolve and add challenges for the increasing level of expertise of our members. We will strive to challenge our members and keep our organization on the cutting edge of STEM activities. Our plan is to compete in the 30lb Division of the Norwalk Havoc Combat Robot League. After thorough testing, development and refinement, the prototype will be converted into a 250lb BATTLEBOT and we will apply to the BATTLEBOT competition. We need sponsors, youth members and  adults willing to share their knowledge and skills and work with the brightest South Jersey has to offer. Please ask us how to get involved!

Combat Robotics Team
All Terrain Combat Robot
“All Zone”

AllZone is an all terrain robotics challenge to be hosted in PAL. The robot is intended to be run through all types of terrain, leading to the name being "AllZone". Our robot's design includes a 2 motor thread system, a modular arm to pick up objects to store in our loading bay located inside our robot. Utilizing modularity, the loading bay can be changed into a silo to launch a total of 4 gunpowder rockets. While we had a robot in previous years, this year we plan to rebuild and evolve AllZone to include many new features, from having a First Person View (FPV) using a Virtual Reality (VR) headset, include depth and night vision, and a gps. All of these will be combined to potentially prepare an autonomous algorithm to fulfill whatever is thrown at us.


This robot is sponsored by:

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Contact Hector Tavarez, Executive Director  at for more information

Robotic Arm

Having acquired a robotic arm, the Police Activities League plans on reverse-engineering this model, a LabVolt 5200-A0, to complete various tasks. By successfully connecting the arm’s motors and limit switches to a modern REV control hub, we are capable of programming the robot and controlling its motion. The robotic arm is being developed into a pick-and-place game, fitted with wireless control and motor limits to provide ease of use. We are also looking into integrating Artificial Intelligence to our robot, giving it the ability to effectively play Tic-Tac-Toe.


Students who participate in our Engineering Club work with mentors and leaders in the industry. If you're interested in participating in this advanced club, please email Hector at

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