Seaperch Tryouts! Tuesday, November 1st at 6:30pm

Please feel free to the call main office (609) 645-8413 for additional information or directions.

Grades 5-8 & 9-12 

Starting November through January • 6:30-8pm • $175

About SeaPerch... SeaPerch is an innovative underwater robotics program that equips teachers and students with the resources they need to build an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) in an in-school or out-of-school setting. Students build the ROV from a kit comprised of low-cost, easily accessible parts, following a curriculum that teaches basic engineering and science concepts with a marine engineering theme. The SeaPerch Program provides students with the opportunity to learn about robotics, engineering, science, and mathematics (STEM) while building an underwater ROV as part of a science and engineering technology curriculum. Throughout the project, students will learn engineering concepts, problem solving, teamwork, and technical applications.ENFORCERS SeaPerch Teams each placed 3rd Overall at National SeaPerch Challenge Championship in Atlanta on May 20, 2017!

ENFORCERS SeaPerch Middle School & High School Teams 1st Place Overall Regional Champions • March 25, 2017

Stop in the PAL office to fill out a registration form.  An interview is required for placement on the team!

Egg Harbor Township Police Athletic League SeaPerch Challenge Team Overview

2013 Submersibles
Philly Region Middle School Seaperch Challenge in Philadelphia: Regional Champions
National Middle School Seaperch Challenge in Indianapolis: 3rd Place Overall

2014 Submersibles
Philly Region Seaperch Challenge in Philadelphia: Regional Champions
1st place Vehicle Performance, 3rd place poster presentation.
National Seaperch Challenge in Mississippi:   National Champions
3rd place Obstacle Course and 2nd place Presentation

2015 Submersibles
Philly Region Middle School Seaperch Challenge in Philadelphia: Regional Champions 1st Place Presentation and 1st Place Pool
National Middle School Seaperch Challenge in Massachusetts: National Champions 1st place Obstacle and 1st place Mission

2016 Submersibles
NJ Region Middle School Seaperch Challenge: 2nd Place Overall
NJ Region High School Seaperch Challenge: Regional Champions
National Middle School Seaperch Challenge in Louisiana: 13th Overall
7th in Obstacle Course and 6th Orbital Challenge
National High School Seaperch Challenge in Louisiana: 6th Overall
6th Obstacle Course, 3rd Orbital Challenge, 22nd in Presentation

2017 Enforcers
NJ Region Middle School Seaperch Challenge at Rowan University: Regional Champions 1st Place Pool Events
NJ Region High School Seaperch Challenge at Rowan University: Regional Champions
2nd place Poster/Presentation and 2nd Place Pool Events
National Middle School Seaperch Challenge in Georgia:  3rd Place Overall
1st Place Obstacle (Best Time Overall for Middle School, High School, and Open Class)
National High School Seaperch Challenge in Georgia: 3rd Place Overall
2nd Place Presentation and 3rd Place Notebook

Congratulations to our Middle School Team for winning the National Seaperch Challenge back-to-back years! 
Above: Our team poses with US Navy Admirals while accepting their award for winning the 2015 National Seaperch Championship.

The 2015 EHT PAL Seaperch Middle School Team proudly showing their trophies.
After months of preparation, the Egg Harbor Township Police Athletic League SeaPerch Challenge Middle School team, The Submersibles, placed First place in pool performance and First place in Presentation at the 10th Annual Philly SeaPerch event that was held Friday April 24th at Drexel University. With their win, the group of 6 middle school students from throughout Atlantic County earned the right to defend their 2014 National Title.The Philly SeaPerch Challenge consists of four categories. The first category, Vehicle Performance, is a test of how well the students did in designing and building their ROV. This category gives them the chance to drive their ROV in a timed challenge.  The second category, Poster Presentation, is a test of how well the students can convey their engineering ideas and market their ROV. The third category, Design Notebook, is a test of the students organizational and documentation capabilities. The fourth category, Spirit & Sportsmanship, is a test of the students’ capabilities to recognize and encourage better solutions, engineering and teamwork.This year’s challenge required the design and construction of hydrophones to locate signal emitting objects, release a satellite data recorder, activate a self-destruct mechanism, recover a drone flight data recorder and retrieve pieces of the enemy drone to reassemble it at pool side.  The team also had to create an ROV that could complete an obstacle course and give a presentation to US Naval judges on their process.  The Middle School team includes; Jhadyn Seward, team captain, Aidan Himley, James Massey, Brandan Kusnirik, Anakin Leatherwood and Luke Williams.  Our Obstacle course driver, Jhadyn completed the course in 43 seconds.  After a very quick attachment of the microphones, Aidan, our challenge driver, completed the challenge in 2 minutes and 25 seconds. The victory earning the team the privilege to represent the Philly SeaPerch region at the National SeaPerch Challenge and defend their 2014 National Challenge Championship win. The National Challenge this year will be held May 29 & 30 at the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth. This is the third time the Submersibles have made it to the National level.

Building a SeaPerch ROV teaches basic skills in ship and submarine design and encourages students to explore naval architecture and marine and ocean engineering principles. It also teaches basic science and engineering concepts and tool safety and technical procedures. Students learn important engineering and design skills and are exposed to all the exciting careers that are possible in naval architecture and naval, ocean, and marine engineering. To learn more about Seaperch go to:


Egg Harbor Township PAL

2014 Philly Seaperch Middle School Grand Champions and 

2014 National Seaperch Middle School Grand Champions


After winning the Philadelphia Regional Middle School Division Grand Championship on April 25th, The Egg Harbor Township PAL SeaPerch team The Submersibles traveled to Hattiesburg, Mississippi for the National SeaPearch Challenge held at the Southern Mississippi University on May 17th.  They took the PAL van for the long 20 hour, 2 day journey (one way). The team consists of the following middle school students from our area schools:  Robert Simpson, captain of the team; Julian Seward and Aidan Himley, the engineers of the award winning ROV; Jhadyn Seward and Jake Dill, drivers of the ROV.  They were assisted by Hangasu Abdullahi and Robert Simpson. James Massey, pool assistant and Mascot. Poster was led by Jermaine Bethea, who was unable to attend.

At the regional level the team won 1st place in Vehicle Performance; 3rd place in Poster Presentation but it was their 1st Place Overall that got them the invite to the Nationals.

The SeaPerch Challenge requires students to build a Remote Operated Vehicle using a kit from SeaPerch and staying within a budget. The challenge involves three categories. In the first one students must operate their ROV in a pool though an Obstacle Course, which the Submersibles did in 45.78 seconds. The second challenge the ROV had to unlock a gate, disarm mines and retrieve communication boxes. This was called “The Heist” which the team completed in 6 minutes 17.81 seconds.  The third category the students must do a presentation as a team to sell themselves and their ROV to the US Navy.  Their engineering, understanding of the science behind boinoucy, the technically and math that went into the build and their teamwork is what won over the judges in their presentation.  Making them the clear National Champions.