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PAL Observatory

The PAL Observatory is in its final stages with a slated opening for fall 2024. This (700 square foot)  observatory is unique to South Jersey as it will be open to the public, schools, organizations, private groups & Buddy's Stargazer Club. The main attraction is a Celestron 355.6 mm (14-inch) EdgeHD OTA with CGE Mount Plate.  The telescope is a large astrograph-quality telescope with great performance. With a focal length of 3916 mm is it ideal for capturing wide-field deep-space imaging.
It will also be home to
Stargazer Club and open for private and public viewing events 12 months a year. Buddy's Observatory at Police Activities League of Egg Harbor Township & Atlantic County will be only one of two observatories within a 50-mile radius. 
If your child is fascinated by the cosmos, black holes, the planets, and our solar system, invite them to be part of Buddy's Stargazers Club

Children in 5th - 12th grades will have the opportunity to look through an observatory class telescope and learn about the universe while exploring astronomy concepts through engaging hands-on activities. The club will take participants on a journey through the universe beyond the solar system. Astronomy and space science cover a lot of topics: light, telescopes, orbits, gravity, stars, the solar system, even relativity and space-time.  Students will work with NASA data.  Click here to register your child


Thank you for your interest in the Police Activities League of Egg Harbor Township and Atlantic County. We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3), youth organization established in 1989. We are NOT funded by taxpayer dollars and rely on public contributions, sponsorships and donations, fundraising activities, grants, and good business practices to provide our programs. Please consider supporting our mission. If you would like to discuss how you or your company can become more involved in supporting our organization and our worthy cause, please email us at or call us at 609-645-8413.  Come Discover the Possibilities... 


Because now, more than ever, Every Kid Needs a PAL

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