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FlawBot Robotic Build Challenge

Whether you are up for a new challenge or preparing to try out for our 3 time New Jersey FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Team, this workshop might be for you! This workshop is for students in grades 6th-11th. Under the watchful eyes of members of our 3 time NJ First Tech Challenge State Champion Robotics Team 7149, the ENFORCERS, students will use the Servocity/GoBilda building systems to reverse engineer a FLAWED robot design. They will build, test, and identify flaws before rebuilding the robot  to conquer the PAL-modified First Tech Challenge course.  If you can dream up a design, you can build it. Servocity/GoBilda is a complete design system for students who are serious about engineering. Featuring heavy-duty, aircraft-grade aluminum elements for construction, powerful drive motors, and expandable capabilities, Servocity/GoBilda provides the ideal platform for creativity. Whether students want to build a basic square chassis robot base with a remote control or incorporate other electronics to design a highly specific autonomous robot, this system is unlimited. If you are serious about your engineering future and hope to be on PAL's nationally competitive First Tech Challenge Team, this is a must-attend class to give you the edge.

Fall Workshop

8 weeks - $170 • 7th - 10th grades

Saturday 10/07/23 - 12/2/23

Winter Workshop

8 weeks - $170 • 7th - 10th grades

 Saturday 02/03/24 - 03/30/24

Spring Workshop

8 weeks - $170  • 7th - 10th grades

 2024 TBA

FTC Team Prep Summer Camp

7th - 10th grade $325

July 22th - 26th 2024

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